Fancy Dress Fives

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Ladder comes to Aldenham
Annual Dinner

Warm sunshine welcomed a 10.30 start, and the line-up of 24 players included a combination of Aldenham Fives Club regulars and hand-picked guests.

Each match lasts for 30 minutes using normal game scoring. All 6 courts are utilised and each pair plays 3 back to back matches until the tournament is over. The team with most points in total over each 30 minute period is the winner and goes forward in the table. The format allows little or no time to relax.

The draw produced some interesting pairings with pre-tournament favourites being either Neil Margerison/John Caudle or Phil Lyndon/Courtney Friend. The early rounds produced some fine fives but no surprise victories.

By the semi-finals the weather had turned hot. Both went to sudden death match point with Simon Randall/Paul Kendall edging out the experienced favourites Neil Margerison/John Caudle and Jim Fredenham/Graham Pulsford making good an 8-1 deficit to beat Phil Lyndon/Courtney Friend by the skin of their teeth.

The final between the youthful Randall/Kendall and a tiring Fredenham/Pulsford was nonetheless hard fought ending in a tie after 30 minutes. It took a further 6 minutes for the next match point, when a last edge sealed an unlikely victory for the elder pair.

Congratulations were in order to Jim and Graham as Martin Lindsay made the presentation.

Players and spectators then retired to a relaxing barbecue in the sun by the courts followed by a lazy late afternoon at the Three Horseshoes (PH) for those disinclined to go home quite so early.