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Christmas came early at Aldenham Fives Club in December when the last Tuesday before the Yuletide was named Fancy Dress Fives Day.

Within the fog-bound courts could be seen players dressed in fisherman’s gear, a cricketer, a skier, a snowman and even a Happy Slapper!

“It was just done for a laugh,” said organiser Phil Lyndon (Happy Slapper), “though the costumes were a bit of a hindrance when reaching for those ankle level cuts.”

New rules were invented for the event which dictated that costumes impeding the ball were deemed a let – these included Simon Randall’s pads, Phil’s breasts, Andrew Fraser’s bobble hat, Martin Lindsay’s yellow waders, Jim Fredenham’s skis and Bob Pace’s tri-cornered hat.

Prizes were awarded in the pub afterwards with Chris Cernuschi taking top slot for his dainty Snow White costume. The judges felt that his outfit suited him and that his girly style of play matched his dress perfectly.

“Chris did look very pretty, so much so that a drunk in the pub took a fancy to him and invited him out on a date…after he’d copped a bit of a feel,” revealed Phil.